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“Doug Rathell has dedicated his life to serving his community as a firefighter in the City of Annapolis and in Anne Arundel County. If elected, I am confident he will bring the same passion to the Maryland General Assembly.” County Executive Steve Schuh


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Key issues

Smart Growth with Infrastructure Build-Up

Our state including my legislative district has seen many large communities proposing to be built. We need our infrastructure built up prior to these projects being constructed.  This includes schools, roads and public safety.

Public Safety

The safety of our communities is paramount. This includes finding new ways to deal with the heroin epidemic, gang violence, and increasing school safety. 


Keeping our taxes low is important for the vitality of our communities. This has to be done only when our critical public services won’t be affected. 

About Doug

Born and Raised Here

I’m a native Marylander looking to serve our community to the fullest. I’m a Fire Lieutenant / Paramedic, married to a Nurse with whom we have three amazing children. I’ve always had an interest in serving the community, this is why I became a firefighter. I also have always followed politics and became more involved after completing the Leadership Anne Arundel Flagship program in 2015.  This program educated me in all the facets of our county. 

Reasons I Entered the Race

I decided to run for state delegate because I want to serve my community even more than I am currently doing in my career. With the years in my profession, I have learned and experienced Annapolis more than any of the candidates. I have seen the devistating effects of the opioid epidemic firsthand and taken part in giving countless people a second chance of life from my emergency care. I’ve seen and experienced the living conditions and struggles from many of our residents that aren’t as fortunate as others. I don’t sit in an office imagining or reading about issues, I’m out on the streets seeing them firsthand.  I want to help the county resident.  It’s time for me to bring these experiences and knowledge to the state house and make a change.  

Why I Need Your Help

With your donations I will help jump start my campaign. Being a newcomer and a public servant, I do not have the huge budgets of career politicians.  I really do feel that we should go back to our founding fathers political ideas of having politicians that came from all lines of work and backgrounds to truly represent the people they are serving.   Let’s bring politics back to the people, who better to do that than a person that can be trusted in emergency situations. 

Action Annapolis Interview

Check out this great video produced by Action Annapolis. Learn more about me and why I‘m running.


Public Interest Podcast

Public Interest Podcast consists of conversations with politicians, activists, advocates, and others who seek to improve the world. The podcast strives to provide a meaningful and entertaining window into the inspiration and perspiration that drive a diverse array of individuals to advance the public interest.

Annapolis Professional Firefighters Local 1926


Maryland Farm Bureau

Maryland Farm Bureau

The Capital-Gazette

Capital Gazette

Mentioned in the Capital newspaper June 18th 2018


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